Re: [nbos] [AS] Question regarding a Orbital Properties formula and calculation
Fri Jan 16th, 2009
hi lad!

You may have a look to

or discuss with me in private for more information or -at least- explanation
about how to achieve this. I've personaly been involved in a "WeatherMaster"
like online project using such a formula to compute earthlike planetary

Have a nice day!


Selon Shachar Shinerman <>:

> Hello, I am making a game demo and I purchased AstroSynth. The game takes
> place in a 3d Environment using XNA. I am using AS to build my stars and
> additional objects, then export as XML and load it in the 3d XNA space. I
> wish to understand the exact formula of positioning the objects in orbit in
> order for me to convert it to a single X,Y,Z (static) location in my game.
> So to build a formula of GetXYZ(Distance, Eccentricity, Inclination,
> Ascending Node, Periapsis, Time past, Orbital Period, Axial Tilt) --> to
> output a XYZ coordinate. Please help me understand this formula for me to
> achieve using AS as my game star editor..... tyvm, Shachar
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