Re: [nbos] [Inspiration Pad] Copyright Questions
Exile In Paradise
Fri Nov 3rd, 2006
On Fri, 2006-11-03 at 02:43 -0500, NBOS Support wrote:
> >One item that came up is that if someone uses
> >the online generators, all output from them is
> >marked "Copyright (c) 2003,2006 NBOS Software"
> >This does not pose a problem for table gamers,
> >but might pose problems for other authors or end
> >users.
> You bring up a good point, Exile. The usual
> concern from this end is that people would upload
> copyrighted material _to_ rpginspiration or other
> sites.

In this litigation-happy age, its a valid concern!

> But you're right, there's the other side of that
> as well.

> As far as the Copyright notice on the site, thats
> for the site content (ie, the graphics, text on the
> home page, etc). It wasnt intended to cover the
> output of the generators.

And, as far as the site design goes, it would not
be a problem anyway. As I understand it, the site's
goal is to provide resources for "at-table" GMs,
not a content generation site for commercial concerns.

At the table, the GM has a massive set of useful tools
and can fairly use them regardless of the site

I love all the tables there... they are one of my
"must have" laptop links when gaming, and I refer
other gamers to the site all of the time.

The legalities craziness only came up when I referred
some folks from a free RPG development group to the
site. Their goal is develop free (as in speech) RPGs
so that others can freely build on and re-use the
results, so naturally they had questions about the
nitty-gritty details.
Exile In Paradise
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