Re: [nbos] [FM] To many nodes?
Sun Nov 9th, 2008
Hi again,

is there a limit for merging lines? :)

it worked great for some lines but now i'm running into a situation where
the "action" does not affect the lines anymore :)

kind regards


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Betreff: Re: [nbos] [FM] To many nodes?

I *think* you're suspicion is correct, and you've run into a
limitation on the number of nodes of the freehand landmass line. I
know the fractal line tool has such a limit (255 nodes?). Freehand
lines create a lot of nodes, so if there is a limit then drawing a
continent outline in any detail is likely to hit it.

As a workaround, I'd suggest using the fractal line tool to trace the
outline. Slower, as you have to create it a point at a time, but you
only have to be as precise as you want to be. For example, rather than
trying to manually create lots of fjords and bays, you can draw a very
quick outline with the fractal factor set to zero. Then you can
experiment with increasing it to 'roughen' the coastline as much as
you want. Much faster.

Note that the fractal line does (or did) have a node limit itself. If
you run out of line, just start a new line from that point until you
get all the way around. After you've completed the outline, turn on
"snap to grid" which will help you to place the end points of the
lines directly over each other. Then join the lines. If you have more
than two lines then join them two-at-a-time, not all at once, or
you'll run into problems. When you've added the last line (the one
that will close the outline) clone the whole thing to a fractal
polygon to create the continent, and then delete the pre-cloning lines.


On 09/11/2008, at 8:47 AM, Stordyr wrote:

> Hi -at-ll,
> i don't know exactly what my mistake is. I imported a bitmap to a
> continent
> map an wanted to draw a freehand landmass based on the outline of this
> bitmap but at some place my line ended and finished with an ugly map
> with
> only one part correct (the part where I drew the line).
> Is this a question of nodes? I don't know. Who can tell me?
> stordyr
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