[nbos] Beta - The Keep Campaign Manager
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Wed Nov 5th, 2008
Hi All,

I'm seeking some beta testers for the upcoming Keep Campaign Manager. If
you are interested in testing it out, please send an email (dont post here)
to support2-at-nbos.com with 'Keep Beta' in the subject somewhere. Testers
will be added to the beta testing mailing list.

The Keep is a personal information manager for gamers. With it you can
track your gaming notes, maps, campaign logs, character sheets, images, and
other bits of game related information in a hierarchical structure of topics.

The Keep features an integrated word processor with which text topics can
be edited. Among other features, the word processor supports multiple
fonts, colors, images in text, and tables.

The Keep also integrates with several of NBOS's programs - Fractal Mapper,
Inspiration Pad Pro, Character Sheet Designer, and ScreenMonkey. Fractal
Mapper maps can be viewed right within the program. As can be character
sheets created with the Character Sheet Creator. The Keep automatically
loads all installed Inspiration Pad Pro generators so they can be run
within the program. And maps and images can be posted to ScreenMonkey.

In addition, The Keep features an integrated dice roller, and
multiple-monitor support for displaying maps and images on a second monitor.



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