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"Mark Oliva"
Mon Oct 6th, 2008
> From: Joe Frazier, Jr. []

Hello, Joe!

Mark, I would love to see some of your work in FM8 when you have some time.

I'm not sure if the stuff we're doing right now is that interesting to you,
because our current output is limited to overland maps of different sized
regions. Other work that's been completed to date deals with creature
(monster) scenarios. I don't have any settlement maps that the group has
signed off on and that I can release.

Our goal with overland maps has been to use PNG fills rather than symbols to
create somewhat photorealistic topo type maps. Sites (cities, villages,
etc.) are represented by vector mapping symbols. You can see two samples
in: (25 MB)

Two monster scenarios from the Dungeons Daring (TM) Creature Guide (which
will be released by the end of this month) can be seen in: (14 MB)

Ed <SNIP> so any more exposure you can get (hint hint) via posted maps or
tutorials would be welcome.

I agree. I think it's really time that RPGers be made aware of this
program, which certainly should rank higher than No. 3 among the Top 3.

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