Re: [nbos] [FM8] Cartographers Guild (Joe Frazier, Jr.)
"Joe Frazier, Jr."
Sat Oct 4th, 2008
Mark, I would love to see some of your work in FM8 when you have some time.

Ed, from what I have heard, your click through rate from Google Ads hosted
on CG's site is near the top, so any more exposure you can get (hint hint)
via posted maps or tutorials would be welcome.

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>> From: "Joe Frazier, Jr." <>
> <<
> Ed, you should consider signing up for an account over on
>, perhaps even doing some tutorials using Fractal
> Mapper or Fractal World Explorer. It may drive a bit more traffic to
> your
> site and perhaps generate some additional income for you in the process.
> I know I would love to see any more stuff you (or anyone else) may have
> made
> in FM posted over there.
> "O ja," as we say here in Bavaria. Or as my Dutch immigrant grandfather
> in
> the USA used to say, "Ainit the truth!"
> FM8 is one fantastically good mapping program. I keep discovering more
> and
> more about the abilities of FM8 and the many great things that my previous
> mapping program (which I used in a Windows version for 12 years and a DOS
> version even longer) can't do or can't do easily.
> Everytime I use FM8, I tend to find something new and then wonder why I
> hadn't done it before.
> I consider FM8 to be the jewel in the crown of RPG software, regardless of
> what kind of software we're discussing, and I hope and pray that not only
> Ed
> but a lot of people will do all they can to let more people become aware
> of
> this wonderful thing that's there for us to use.
> I suppose that sounds like something from Sunday in the church.
> Nonetheless, there are few programs that I treasure as much as FM8.
> So, hallelujah, bothers and sisters, and amen!
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