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Fri Oct 3rd, 2008
Hi All,

I've placed a new SM edition online on nox:


This is a special edition designed to integrate with the RPGLife.com
community site for gamers. This edition is similar to the regular SM Lite
edition except that this edition uses RPGLife.com login information for
game announcements, and posts game announcement links to RPGLife.com,
rather than to the NBOS site. RPGLife will also feature SM game
schedulers, game openings, map and miniature downloads, and other resources.

There are a couple other minor changes to SM Lite, though:

First, this build supports fully .png files as miniatures. While the
previous build did support png files, it did not support transparency.

Also, this build fixes a bug that some people had experienced which
prevents the players from moving their characters via the web interface.

I will be making a new 'normal' SM Lite version (ie, one that links to this
site) as well that will feature the above two changes.

Also, the people behind RPGLife.com asked that I ask to see if there was
anyone interested in running some testing/training sessions for the members
of that site. If you are interested in doing so, please let them know by
posting to their ScreenMonkey forum:




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