Re: [nbos] [AS][FWE] Sol Planets FWE v1.7
NBOS Support
Tue Aug 26th, 2008
At 05:26 AM 8/25/2008, you wrote:
>Just wondering... is it possible that there can ba a plugin written to do

Oops, I missed your previous post about moving the FWE file over instead of
just using them as surface images. Moving the FWE files will also do the
trick :-)

I'd have to play around with the api to see if a plugin can do that. There
are a pair of methods of the body class - FWEFileName() and
FWEUpdateTerrain() that might, if used in conjunction with each other, do
the trick. ie, get the fwe file name to use, copy the new fwe file to
that name, and then call FWEUpdateTerrain().


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