Re: [nbos] [FWE-FM] Geo-political maps
"richard leclercq"
Wed Jun 25th, 2008
Thanks for the help.

In the past I have usually looked where the computer suggests the rivers go,
then I add them in "by hand" as you say, adding some artistic touches if I
am so inclined. I really like the "add node" feature to let me vary how
convoluted my river is.

If I use a "layer:"

can I import the main map with various features? In some cases, I want a
flat map, in others contours, but the "face" of the piece is the 3-D map. I
want to have all three with the same borders.

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> I recomend adding rivers by hand... I have all kind of geological
> queasiness over the shapes of the rivers that get added with river
> tool, they're too STRAIGHT in most cases. It's relatively simple to
> export the contours as fractal pollygons to FM8. I haven't found a
> way to keep the 3D aspect on the map. For your geopolitcal map, just
> name a layer for the country boundaries and bring it to the top 'over'
> the contour map. Toggle the 'visible' check box in the layers
> sellector uner the 'map' menu, and it can poof in and out. For an
> easy boundary, I'd recomend selecting the 'lowest level' contour and
> copy/pasting to keep the integrity of your landmass shape. These are
> the main tricks I've used when I use FWE. I have too much geologist
> in me to really be happy with the results FWE (or, to be fair, ANY
> fractal land mass generator i've ever encountered) gives me. I want
> to be able to fake smashing continents together or pulling them appart
> (or at least get mountains along coastlines, big plateaus like the
> rockies... and be able to add mountains that aren't perfectly smoothly
> round and erosion that doesn't erode in straight lines), so there's
> your grain of salt for my own reply.
> On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 4:43 AM, richard leclercq <>
> wrote:
>> If someone has done this before, please contact me on or off list, as I
>> see
>> no point in re-inventing the wheel.
>> I have made a map with F.W.E and I want to make a "politcal" map with FM
>> I would like to use the F.W.E map as a base map and draw country borders
>> etc.
>> I would like to use the layer feature so I could have a "flat" map with
>> only
>> borders, a contour map and a "3-d" map, all showing the country borders.
>> I
>> want to be able to take areas of interest and make detailed maps of
>> games/scenarios.
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