Re: [nbos] [AS] Multiple Star System Question
Ronald Stepp
Wed Jun 25th, 2008
My thought exactly, posted my TOG recollection before I even saw your
post.. heh.

David Loman wrote:
> What if, for simplicity's sake, AS2 was coded to not take gravity
> wells from other 'systems' into account? In the example of a multiple
> star system, the 'dead zone' where all the stars orbit around is
> calculated and then the stars are set in motion. From there, AS2
> simple calculated the orbit of any given star's children based solely
> on the stars current position and no other factors. The orbit of
> these children would end up looking like a spiral graph, but hey, at
> least its calculable.
> And no, it won't conform to 'actual astrophysics' but hey, this is
> primarily a RPG/fantasy game tool, is it not? One of my pet peeves is
> when a player of a fantasy RPG utters the statement, "well thats not
> very realistic." My retort as GM is usually a very unprofessional
> "well duh!!!"
> -Dave L

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