Re: [nbos] [AS] Multiple Star System Question
NBOS Support
Wed Jun 25th, 2008

>Okay Ed, step in here, did I get that right? :))

Pretty much :-)

Displaying the orbits on screen isnt much of a problem given the orbital
properties (and ignoring the gravity of planets). It's calculating those
orbital properties in the first place that is something I dont know is even
possible. You can test if a system is stable, but creating the stable
system may not even be possible for all arrangements. For binary systems,
they can orbit a center point. But for more than two stars, there's no
guarantee that a stable orbit can be even calculated.

For AS2 I thought about just setting it up so that stars get evenly placed,
and are treated as standing still. But thats obviously not very
realistic. So I decided to hold off on dealing with it (and, similarly,
planet systems) until I could get a better handle on the physics involved.


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