Re: [nbos] [Inspiration Pad] Copyright Questions
Exile In Paradise
Wed Nov 1st, 2006
On Wed, 2006-11-01 at 17:09 -0600, T'Star wrote:
> May I make a note? There are certain things that
> are not subject to CopyRight law under most
> circumstances: NAMES being one of them. It is
> much too easy to arive at the same name as someone
> else completely independantly. There is a Dukhat
> on both Babylon 5 AND Star Trek Deep Space 9.
> They are difinitively different characters so
> there is no infringment of copyright. Alot of
> the tables, as far as I can tell, would probably
> fall into this catagory.

Sure, we're all friends here.
And yes, names may fall into that category unless
they are listed under other IP laws stronger than
a copyright, such as a trade mark.

My question was prompted exactly because of the
ambiguity. For example, you yourself said "would
probably fall into" which is another way of
saying "we don't really know for sure".

That is why I asked for specifics, to remove that
"we don't know" factor.
Exile In Paradise
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