Re: [nbos] [AS]More Scripting Questions
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Fri May 23rd, 2008
Hi Jay,

>I'm trying to get my system updater script (which is on NOX) to run faster
>for a large number of selected systems, but I can't seem to get it to run
>faster. I know that when I run the plugin on one system it runs fast
>enough, but when I run it on multiple systems it gets slower and slower
>with each one processed. Would

I was checking this out tonight - a very impressive piece of scripting!

I didnt see anything that immediately made me think would slow the script
down. So I'm wondering if the script is creating so much new data that
tracking it all is causing the memory manager to slow down.

One thing to try would be to save the sector every so many systems. You'll
have to experiment to see at what frequency is best. This is what the
built in generator does. When the sector is saved, the program
automatically 'dynaUnloads()' every system it saves, clearing up all that

So something like:

sector.SaveToFile Sector.FileName, false

May do the trick. Or it may not - its just a guess.

The astro file format is more akin to a database, and saves are appended to
the end of the file, so it wont be writing the entire sector back out to
disk with every save - it'll just append any systems you've changed.

>My second question is about the System Data area on the left side of the
>window which shows a tree for each of the selected systems. Is there a
>way to refresh this area inside of a plugin?

No, this cant be controled via a plugin, I'm afraid.


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