[nbos] [FM8] Mini-Tutorial: GMA Texture Downloads
"Mark Oliva"
Fri May 23rd, 2008
Many of you probably know how to do this already, but some new users may be in the dark. Thus, a mini-tutorial.

We've talked a lot here about the CSUAC symbols available on Cecil Solomon's website:


But the Gamemaster's Apprentice has additional valuable treasures to offer. Any competent FM8 mapper knows that he or she needs not only an endless variety of mapping symbols (with time, Cecil will have more than 21,000 CSUAC raster symbols and fills available for us) but also a really good and variable collection of Fill Patterns. These are the background fills that you see in FM8 when you:

a) Go to the FM8 section Fill Style upper right on the screen
b) Click the arrow of the combo box "Set:," to open the dropdown list

At present, GM's Apprentice offers six texture packs that make excellent FM8 fills. Four packages offer roof fills that are invaluable if you want to make raster style buildings for your FM8 maps (or even better, make raster style symbols of buildings that you share with the CSUAC). The other two packages offer backgrounds and frames that you can use to make parchment style maps in FM8.

Here's how to get them and make them work in FM8:

1. Open the Windows Explorer.

2. Go to your NBOS Fill Patterns folder. In the following example, X stands for the drive where you've installed FM8. Most readers need to substiture C for the X in the example. The path is:


3. Under FillPatterns, make the following two new folders:

GMA Parchment
GMA Roofs

4. Go to the GM's Apprentice Site in the Internet (see the address above).

5. If you haven't registered yet, do it now. You have to be registered to download the CSUAC and the Texture Packs.

6. After you're on Page 1 of the GM's Apprentice, scroll down to the section "Textures."

7. Click the link "Read more ..." under this section. That opens a new page.

8. Download each of the six texture packs separately. Each download will leave a ZIP file on your hard drive at the download address you designate.

9. After downloading, unzip the files Parchtex1.zip and Parchtex2.zip into

x:\Programs\nbos\Mapper8\FillPatterns\GMA Parchment

10. Then unzip the files Rooftex1.zip, Rooftex2.zip,Rooftex3.zip and Rooftex4.zip into:

x:\Programs\nbos\Mapper8\FillPatterns\GMA Roofs

That's it. The next time you open FM8 and click the combo box "Set:" under Fill Style, you'll find two new categories in the list:

GMA Parchment
GMA Roofs

They'll offer you a large selection of fills to make parchment maps and roofs for building designs.

Be sure to read the EULA included in each download package!

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