Re: [nbos] [AS]Scripting Questions
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Thu May 8th, 2008

AddWaypoint() essentially creates a waypoint object from the body, and then
adds it to the route. So either _should_ do the trick, though I havent
done much route making via scripts.

The API is exposing the actual functions and classes used by the program
itself. So there's functions in the scripting api that may seem redundant
(like addsystem/addwaypoint) or out of place, but make more sense in the
context they are used within astro's source code itself.


>3) When creating a new Route object in script I was adding
>RouteWaypoint objects to get the lines to be drawn using
>Route.AddWaypoint(). When you create a RouteWaypoint object you can set
>it's Body property to one end of the route. But, the Route object also has
>a Route.AddSystem() method. Do you add the system to
>both the Route and RouteWaypoint objects or just to one or the other? When
>I tried adding the systems using just Route.AddSystem() without adding any
>waypoints it didn't draw any routes. I was just wondering why there are 2
>ways to add a body to
>a route.

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