RE: [nbos] [Inspiration Pad] Copyright Questions
"Dutton, Dennis L"
Wed Nov 1st, 2006
When / If this becomes necessary, I will quit contributing any such
material to the effected forum / list / etc. I roleplay (and contribute
to the roleplaying community) for the enjoyment and the stress relief
that it provides. When this sort of stress is necessary to contribute,
it is not worth it.

Keep in mind that a copyright is a protection of the "expression" of an
idea, not of the idea itself. (and no I don't care to argue that point
with lawyers and self-styled lawyers)

Cheers, Dennis
Game Master, Kaldor in Flames
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> I hate to be the one to bring all this up, because I despise
> what we have let the lawyers do to the creative world, but I
> thought it would be something for everyone to think about
> before posting IPT files for download or adding tables to the
> online generator.
> To prevent misunderstandings and what seems to be a mismatch
> between the spirit and intent of Inspiration Pad and the
> "letter of the law" it would be nice if the table authors
> that have already contributed tables to or
> the NOX download site could include a header that explains
> which rights they were retaining and which (if any) they are
> releasing?
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> Exile In Paradise
> "Ubi non accusator, ibi non judex."
> (Where there is no police, there is no speed limit.)
> -- Roman Law, trans. Petr Beckmann (1971)
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