Re: [nbos] [FM] CSUAC is active for FM8!
"Mark Oliva"
Mon May 5th, 2008
> From: Cecil Solomon (

Thanks to Mark's efforts,

Don't let Cecil fool you, folks. My effort was minimal. The one who has taken on and is accomplishing a gargantuan task for us mappers is Cecil himself. If you've downloaded CSUAC, you'll see right away what I mean.

the CSUAC is configured to plug directly into the Fractal Mapper 8 folder structure.

Currently, there's about 5600 symbols available and probably more than twice that enroute.

Anyone who uses FM8 should make the CSUAC download a MUST (along with the future updates that Cecil mentions).

CSUAC makes FM8 immediately into a far more powerful mapping program than what it's ever been, regardless of whether you use it for fantasy, modern or sci-fi. And it's free. As Cecil said:

Get your copy today at

Be prepared to download nearly 800 MB of symbols and fills!

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