[nbos] CSUAC upgrade status
Cecil Solomon
Thu May 1st, 2008
You've read what Mark has said about the CSUAC, and that it will get bigger. I figured I'd let you know the real scope of this project. In short, there is a staggering amount of material. When it is ready, Mark could probably use some assistance with some of this.

Last night I renamed and crushed another 1,000 images for the CSUAC.

To recap, I go through the following process while sorting the material:

1)- Collected material into individual artist folders. This part is simple--simply combine all the archives together. This set is current as of the end of March, 2008. There are about 7,000 objects remaining in this batch, but with lots of artists. I'm not sure how many of those objects are zip files-this is likely a lot more images than it sounds.

2)- Select an artist folder and unzip all the material. Ensure the artist attributes are in place for each image, and that prefixes are removed. This usually involves multiple uses of Renamer.

3)- Crush the images with pngOUT. I have just over 1,000 images at this point.

4)- Do an initial sort by subject matter. There are over 19,000 images at this stage.

5)- Now will come the hard part. Breaking this material down into usable collections and simplifying the naming convention. The plus side is, each group worked on will result in material being released. I figure we'll be adding between 10-15,000 images to the sorted database.

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