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"Mark Oliva"
Thu May 1st, 2008
> From: Sean

I would like to download the CSUAC stuff, but the last link I saw didn't work for me. Anyone know how to get it?

Sure. But first read ALL of this message, because the last part will lead you to more fantastic symbols that Cecil is making avaialble that aren't in the CSUAC yet.

But now back to the CSUAC. Remember that "X" in my examples stands for the drive where FM8 is installed. For most users that will be "C." Then take your choice:

1) Wait a few days and you'll be able to get a version of CSUAC properly structured for and immediately useable in FM8.

2) If you don't want to wait, download the Dundjinni version. Before you can use this version in FM8 you need to:

-- Reorganize all of the Dundjinni files so that they work with the FM8 menu systems. All of PNGs in the Dundjinni folders tagged (Floors) or (Textures) need to go into a category folder that you create under:


These are the fills.

All of the PNGs in the Dundjinni folders tagged (Cover) or (Object) need to go into category folders you create with subordinate title folders that you create under:


These are the symbols.

-- Then copy into each of these (many) symbol folders a file named default.xml with the following code:


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<pixel size='0.025' unit='Feet'/>


To get the Dundjinni version, do the following:

1) Go to:

2) Register

3) Return to the site's start page.

4) Scroll down to the section named "The CSUAC."

5) Click individually each of the hyperlinks named "Baseline"

That'll do it.

Some remarks:

-- There's about 700 MB of material to download.

-- Reorganizing the Dundjinni folders for FM8 took me more than half a day's time.

-- Therefore, if you don't have an emergency going, wait the few days until the FM8 versions appear. With the FM8 versions, you need only:

1) Unzip the Baselines 1 through 8 into:


2) Unzip the Baseline Fills file into:


That will reduce half a day or more of reorganizing down to about 5 minutes worth of zip operations. The XML files already are there.


If you're impatient, do something else:

1) Go to Cecil's GM's Apprentice home page as above:

2) Register

3) Page down to the heading "Special Mapping Collections"

4) Download Aegean's Roof Collection (29 MB)

5) Create a folder and subfolder called "Aegeans Roofs" and "Roofs" under:


The end result is:

X:\Programs\nbos\Mapper8\MapArt\Aegeans Roofs\Roofs

6) Copy all of the PNGs you downloaded into this "Roofs" folder.

7) Open the Windows Editor, make the "default.xml" folder I described above and save it in the "Roofs" folder.

8) Go farther down Cecil's homepage to the section "Textures."

9) Click the hyperlink "Read more"

10) Download Roof Texture Packs 1-4

11) Create a Roof Textures folder under:


The end result is:


12) Copy all the JPGs you downloaded into this folder.

13) Go next to:

a) Download User Art Pack Fantastic Creatures, Fantastic Creatures 02, Winter Pack 01, Tavern Material and, if you need it, Isometric Buildings. (The downloads lower on the page that say JAR Installer work only with Dundjinni.)

b) Make Category and subordinate Title Folders for each under:


c) Copy all of the PNGs you downloaded into these new folders.

d) Copy the file default.xml that you made above into each of these folders.


After you've done that, your FM8 installation will have loads of excellent new raster symbols and fills with which you can keep occupied until the FM8 version of CSUAC is avaialble!

Happy weekend (with the May 1 holiday here and a bridge day tomorrow, my weekend starts today),

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