[nbos] [AS] A plugin to save the planet preview images.
Sat Apr 12th, 2008
Hello list.

I've tried looking into the AlienAPI documentation on seeing if I could
create a simple plugin to do this, I'm at a complete loss on how to do
it. Visual Basic is nowhere near any specialty of mine.

Does anyone know, or have created a plugin to do the following...

We all know that Astrosynthesis saves the surface maps of planets in the
planet reports which is handy. However, is it possible to have a plugin
or something also save the "planet previws" as well. AS actually saves
them in the "surface maps" directory with the
"{BODY_NAME}.planetview.png", but these images lack the text and borders.

I have a simple example at the link below:

I manually pulled the preview image from Astrosynthesis using a
screencap. Is there a way to export or save this along with the surface
map using a plugin?

Thanks for your time,
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