RE: [nbos] Inspiration Pad for Windows Mobile
"Mike Oliver"
Tue Oct 31st, 2006
Hi Ed:

The MP 880 has a MIPS 4000 Family processor which seems to mean I'm
stuffed. However, I'll give IP a try.

The Mobile Pro 880 is a fantastic little machine - extremely light and
portable but with full-sized keys, a 10" touch-sensitive screen and a
USB port. The footprint is 24.5 cm x 18.5 cm. It cost me 80 on E-bay a
couple of years back and I take it everywhere but really only have the
basic CE 3.01 software installed. However, I did light on a superb word
processor, fully compatible with "Office XP" that allows me all kinds of
features that "Word CE" doesn't. It's called "TextMaker" and is by an
outfit called SoftMaker.

Trouble is, that's the only piece of software outside the Microsoft
standard CE stuff that I have been able to find and I'd really like to
be able to use the machine for other things.

Anyone any suggestions (clean ones, please)?



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> I own an NEC Mobile Pro 880 running Windows CE 3.0. It's not strictly
> pda more like a small notebook. Does that mean it will or won't run
> Inspiration Pad?
> Mike

It looks like the CPU is an NEC/MIPS chip, so I'm pretty sure it wont
it. You might want to give it a try to find out for sure in case I have
the wrong info on the 880. I have something similar - a sharp mobilon
tri-pad tablet - and that too is a MIPS based CPU w/ wince 2.x and wont
run it. Which is a shame because its very thin and has a 10 hour
life - the perfect GMing device.

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