[nbos] Fwd:[FM8] FM8 Wish List
"Mark Oliva"
Sat Mar 29th, 2008
(It appears that this was sent unintentionally to me rather than the list.)

(Mark Oliva)


More precisely, I believe this would be my wish list for probably FM9 or

Dear Ed... have you got your thinking cap on? What I would truly love to
have, is a true 3D map renderer... Not sure how to describe what I would
like to have - but what I am envisioning is something on the order of a wire
frame model. Each point on the map would not only have a cartesian
coordinate, but a vertical elevation. This would allow me to render
mountains & valleys much more accurately - and allow for the creation of
subteranean objects... you know... caves... dungeons... oubliettes... that
sort of oddball stuff!

And of course, as always I can't miss the opportunity to bug your ear that
what I need most - is an upgrade to the features of FWE! We desperately (I
can't stress strongly enough my desire...) need extra functionality such as
glaciation, vulcanizm, seismic events... even the odd meteoric impact!

Anyways, I am happy to see reading through these threads that more & more
users are discovering the joy of working with Fractal Mapper.

Your loyal user and devoted fan,
Dave Tait

p.s. - I am having one problem still... I had mentioned some time ago that I
was converting the shore line of my FWE generated globe from a fractal
polygon into a closed spline curve. It renders a much more 'realistic'
looking outline. The problem I am having is that on the larger continental
landmasses, if I get too many 'nodes' - both the outline color & the fill
color/pattern 'disappear! There seems to be some kind of upper limit to the
number of nodes I can have without suffering this drop off. I don't know
precisely the number, but there you have it.


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