RE: [nbos] Inspiration Pad for Windows Mobile
"NBOS Support"
Mon Oct 30th, 2006
> I own an NEC Mobile Pro 880 running Windows CE 3.0. It's not strictly a
> pda more like a small notebook. Does that mean it will or won't run
> Inspiration Pad?
> Mike

It looks like the CPU is an NEC/MIPS chip, so I'm pretty sure it wont run
it. You might want to give it a try to find out for sure in case I have
the wrong info on the 880. I have something similar - a sharp mobilon
tri-pad tablet - and that too is a MIPS based CPU w/ wince 2.x and wont
run it. Which is a shame because its very thin and has a 10 hour battery
life - the perfect GMing device.

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