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"Christopher Rodrigues Macias"
Tue Mar 18th, 2008
Thanks to Robert and Richard for the pointer on Celtx. Doug and I were having an off-list chat about writing software. As I said to Doug, Celtx looks like a powerful and well-designed tool. The only 'drawback' that I see is that... I don't write scripts+ACE-

(I use 'Scrivener' to hack out drafts of longer and/or more complex documents because of its lean interface and support for research notes and other composition tasks that general purpose word processors tend to fall short on.)

Robert's use of Celtx as a substitute campaign manager is interesting. I can see the similarities in the tasks. If Ed were not tempting us with the prospect of an actual purpose-built Campaign Manager tool, I'd give it a try just to see how it worked.


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Doh, you beat me to it+ACE-

+AH4Afg-Richard K+AH4Afg-

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+AD4- On Tue, 2008-03-18 at 01:46 +-1100, Christopher Rodrigues Macias wrote:
+AD4APg- Hi Doug,
+AD4APg- +AD4- I looked into screenplay and other 'writing' software
+AD4APg- LOL+ACE- You and I both. +IBg-Great minds think alike+IBk- I guess. +ADs--)
+AD4- The screenplay software I have the best luck with
+AD4- is +ACI-Celtx+ACI-

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