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"Robert \"Exile In Paradise\" Murphey"
Mon Mar 17th, 2008

On Tue, 2008-03-18 at 01:46 +-1100, Christopher Rodrigues Macias wrote:
+AD4 Hi Doug,
+AD4 +AD4 I looked into screenplay and other 'writing' software

+AD4 LOL+ACE You and I both. +IBg-Great minds think alike+IBk I guess. +ADs--)

The screenplay software I have the best luck with
is +ACI-Celtx+ACI

Surprisingly, it makes a pretty decent campaign
manager too, since it has separate forms and tabs
for +ACI-sets+ACI +ACI-costumes+ACI +ACI-characters+ACI and other
sundry items needed to mount a movie (or a campaign).

For aspiring screenwriters, Celtx is worth a serious
look. Use it to put together a short film for a crew
spread around the world, and you might be surprised
at how well it works for you.

Celtx is also a place where campaign management ideas
can be mined. The interface model is a tree of nodes,
where each node is specific type of form. When you open
a node, a new tab appears in the right-hand side of the
screen, with a specific form for that type of information.
Let's say you click a particular character (PCs and NPCs
anyone?), you see a form with just the relevant info.

Celtx as a campaign manager was an interesting experiment
because the idea of the program is to help turn a story
idea into a screenplay into a movie... which, conceptually
is not much different than assembling and running a gaming
campaign. Celtx is also interesting because it is basically
the Mozilla web browser engine with the XML user layer
replaced with files that describe the new forms. It re-uses
the Mozilla html rendering and network capability to good

Take a look, let me know what you think.

And in case anyone wonders if I have a clue about
screenwriting or movie-making, here's a sample
of my screenwriting work:

Robert +ACI-Exile In Paradise+ACI Murphey
Divorce is a game played by lawyers.
-- Cary Grant

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