Re: [nbos] Astro-sythesis Plugins
NBOS Support
Mon Mar 17th, 2008
At 01:53 AM 3/16/2008, you wrote:
>Please forgive me of my ignorance. Nothing in the directions actually
shows on
>how I would connect a program or script to the API.

I think the confusion is that this is a scripting API, much like VBA in
Microsoft Office, and not a programming api like OpenGL. That is, its not
a description of a DLL interface, and it cannot be accessed from 'outside'
of Astro2.

Check out the samples Dave mentioned that are up on NOX
( Place them in the /Plugins directory under the
directory where Astro2 is installed. When Astro2 is started, each
.AstroScript file is processed for command tags that tell the program what
kind of script it is. Typically, plug-ins will create an entry in the
program's menus that will launch it.


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