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"Mark Oliva"
Sat Mar 15th, 2008
Some of you old timers on the list may remember the prototype of a campaign manager I released a few years ago called "The Keep". Basically it kept track of game notes, fractal mapper maps, character sheets, etc, all in a hierarchical structure. It also had a built in dice roller, was integrated with inspiration pad pro, and could import/export so you could share content.

After reading all the comments this posting has drawn, I see yet another dream in the making of the invention of what we here in Bavaria call the egg-laying wooly milk pig (eierlegende Wollmilchsau).

hypothetically ;-) ... lets say I was in the midst of rebuilding that into an actual product.

If - hypothetically - you were to do that, I wouldn't become envious.

If you were looking for such an application, what sort of functionality would you need?

We obviously are looking for the egg-laying wooly milk pig and more! The postings of the last few days make that clear.

At the very start, before we can discuss this better we need to have some basic definitions. Without them, the discussion already is moving from a trivial thing like the egg-laying wooly milk pig to something bigger, perhaps a piggy egg-laying wooly milk reindeer that also can pull Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Some things that would be nice to know:

1. What rules system(s) would this wonder support?* (If it's going to keep "track ... of character sheets" that questions becomes both unavoidable and critical.)

2. Is this for sci-fi RPGs and people who use AS, or for fantasy RPGs and those of us apparently in the list's minority who use FM8, or for both of us?

* If the idea is to tie this with d20, an idea some posters have mentioned in passing, you probably should spend your time on something better. d20 will cease to be this summer after D&D 4E appears, according to Wizards of the Coast. That would be akin to developing a program for Windows 98. If it's going to be tied to WotC's new GSL for D&D 4E compatibilty, then a number of us can put this in the "topic for other people" category. For this option, you also will have to pay WotC US$5,000 up front for an advance GSL right or wait another year for the free GSL. If, on my third hand, you plan to make a product that will do all that it describes with all RPG systems, let me reserve advance tickets now for the first demo. That should be an event of biblical proportion that makes multiplying loaves and walking on water look like child's play. Cecil B. DeMille might even ascend from his grave to direct the thing, which would suit us fantasy RPGers just fine, because, what's an RPG after all without the undead?

Only a churl would mention that this posting lacks a single positive contribution. Therefore, I've mentioned it on my own. Naturally, I like the concept a lot. To make a positive contribution to the process, or to even know whether I would be in its target user base, I really need to know more about its parameters.

Happy weekend,

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