Re: [nbos] Campaign Manager
"richard leclercq"
Fri Mar 14th, 2008
I would like:

A: The ability to link my computer as GM with other players. As GM I would like to "control" why the other players see. Of course daisy chaining a lot of random OS on different laptops will be an enormous challenge.

B: I want to put everything I need on a thumb drive so I can take it anywhere and work on my projects.

C: I'd like to link to HEROLAB(R) or something similar, a character generation program, so I can at least generate mooks, but really I want to access my player's characters, secretly.

D: I would really like to have: The ability to burn a CD-ROM with information for a player or a "reader" so that should my adventure be of sufficient quality I may preserve it and possibly provide it to others.
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