Re: [nbos] Campaign Manager
~~Richard K~~
Fri Mar 14th, 2008
What would be cool is linking into Screenmonkey... being able to make
"Handouts", or giving out portions of the campaign to the players (single or
multiple players) during an online game.

Another feature would be a reasonable "save" ability so that perhaps we
could have adventure files to trade or send out on the exchange.

Better drag/drop, the thing I noticed was a not-responding error when
draging things around in the heirarchy....
Heirarchy is a good idea if the nodes can be defined as things, eg,
attaching the stats to a particular magic sword to a character sheet (who
found it). means better tracking of things in a party.

The screenmonkey could really use a "Keep", to add a needed dimension to the
interface and ability to swap without much fuss from a scifi game using D6
and a Fantasy game using D20.

Thats my 2 bits.

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