Re: [nbos] FM8 - newbie help with tracing outlines
"Dale Poole"
Sun Mar 2nd, 2008
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>The manual mentions the Fractal Polyline tool as a good way to duplicate
>an existing map... any experience with that, does it save work over just
>using freehand?

The reason I suggest the polyline/polygon tool is because the results tend
to look more natural since more of the line is fractalized. When using the
freehand tool, coastlines still have a hand-drawn look to them.

Also remember that if you dont like how things have fractalized, you can
use actions->Re-render (or Ctrl-E) to have it make a new fractal line from
the control points.


For me, the big advantage I found of using the Polyline Tool was the ability to click to set a point rather than having to hold down the mouse button while tracing.

I have a 25 year old poster sized, hand drawn continent (yeah not even a whole world) that I scanned in sections and then pasted together into a jpg. I am using it as the background for my new FM digital map. As a result, I had to zoom in fairly close to follow some coastlines, even though they were smooth-ish hand drawn and not very "natural" to look at. That meant viewing just a small portion of the coastline in any given view.

Using the Polyline Tool, between clicks I was able to use the scroll bars to move around the map to the next section of coastline, and continue to trace. I did notice a disturbing artifact created every time I used the scrollbars, which made it look like I had actually dropped a plot point at the edge of the view when I used the scroll bars. However, it is totally an artifact, doesn't effect the trace you're working on, and disappears with the next plot point your drop.

This ability to move off the map view and have the tool remain active, was the clincher for tracing. It was amazing how quickly I put down the outline of that continent and as a result was able to quickly move on to other details.

BTW, I have just this past week purchased FM8 after 3-4 years of frustration with CC2&3. I read the online help in about an hour and half and have happily drawing.tracing since then! Thanks Ed for a fantastic product!

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