Re: [nbos] FM8 - newbie help with tracing outlines
Petri Wessman
Wed Feb 27th, 2008
~~Richard K~~ wrote:
> I have basically the same approach to making maps, trace them piece by
> piece.
> I created a map of europe and also more recently, a map of asia.
> I dedicate one layer to draw out the freehand landmass (I usually set
> the outline to clear), on my asia map, I had to consider inland seas and
> larger lakes so I would trace each portion including overlapping
> sections to ensure full coverage. I would trace up to the inland lakes
> and back out towards the coastlines, making each land tracing managable
> on the screen.
> Once finished you can merge all the landmasses together, or leave them
> separated, depending on whether you want to use certian fills, depending
> on the style of your mapping.
> The tablet pen is great, makes it a lot faster (once you've mastered
> using the pen of course).
> Remember you can change the names of the layers to help you keep things
> organized.
> Adjust the fractal factor, I find 4-6 seems to give the landmass some
> good variation, but it all depends on the amount of detail you want and
> how accurate you want the map compared to the image you are tracing.
> Hope that helps some.

It does, yes :). The suggestion to use separate layers is a good one,
I'll have to learn to use them properly.

The manual mentions the Fractal Polyline tool as a good way to duplicate
an existing map... any experience with that, does it save work over just
using freehand?

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