[nbos] FM8 - newbie help with tracing outlines
Petri Wessman
Tue Feb 26th, 2008
Hello all, just got FM8 and like what I see, though I haven't done much
anything with it yet. As a learning project, I'm going to try to get a
basic map done for my Exalted campaign, using the raster map at
http://exalted.anenris.com/maps/creation-blank-1-4.jpg as a baseline.

While playing with FM yesterday, I managed to figure out how to set the
raster map as background image, and how to set the scale of the map
(huge :). So far, so good.

So, next I want to start tracing the outlines of the continents, and
this is where I'd like some pointers. What's the easiest way to trace
outlines, based on an underlying image? Do I need to do in manually with
freeform mouse/tablet, or is there something I could do to speed up the
process? I don't need a bit-by-bit exact copy of the outlines, just
something close enough.

Ideally, at some point I can get rid of the background image and do
everything in vector form, but that's far in the future. :)

Thanks in advance for any tips!


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