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"John Morgan"
Sun Feb 24th, 2008
At the moment, I'm trying to figure out a way to create a plugin that not
only retains the system's name, like the "Generate Contents (keep name)"
plugin, but also retains the star's data. The aforementioned plugin
unfortunately seems to completely change the star's data when run.
Unfortunately, my VB skills are about 8 years rusty, so bear with me.

Another thing I'd like to get this script to do is not create populations or
space stations. I know there's an option in the generator dialog box, but I
don't know how it translates into the AlienAPI.

I also am curious to know how much the star's data affects the generator.
Would I want to make it retain the star's data when the generator runs, or
would just replacing it after the fact have no bearing?

God Bless,
John S. Morgan

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