Re: [nbos] Stellar Radius - Mass - Luminosity Parameters.
"Dalton Calford"
Sat Feb 23rd, 2008
Hi Dan,

Well, as you can see, I have a bit of the calculations already done,
but, I have found some stars in my stellar catalog that are not in my
list. I guess they are star types that do not nicely fit into the
OBAFGKM format (types of stars that are newer than when that list was
created?) and some stars that are simply typos etc.

So, the things I need, in order

1.) Calcululation of mass of a star based upon Lumenosity (I already
have a calculation for lumenosity based upon absulute magnitude)

2.) A specification of what comprises a "Multiple" system as per AS2,
because traveller (which my original purpose for this task is based
upon) has "close" stars which are part of the same system but not
obiting each other. I need this to properly decode the different binary
systems so that everything is in a format that AS2 understands. (this
is what makes my starlist different from the existing large star lists
on nox)

3.) Permission from Ed to post up the details I have onto the nbos wiki
so that many sets of eyes can confirm the details I have are correct.
What I would do to break the data into sets, and hopefully we would have
volunteers who would take ownership of a set and confirm the entries are
correct. This would include making sure the common names are entered
and binaries are correct.

4.) Volunteers to work on the wiki if Ed gives the go-ahead.

When it is all done, I am hoping Ed will incorporate it as a series of
standard templates (20ly, 50ly, 100 ly, 1000 ly etc)

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