Re: [nbos] Determining Stellar Values
Thu Feb 21st, 2008
At 04:19 PM 2/21/2008 -0000, you wrote:
>I'm only an amateur astronomer and my astrophysics is very sketchy.
>However, I use the Norton Star Atlas a great deal for my observational
>activities and I know it contains a whole raft of formulae and technical
>info. Try borrowing a copy from your library and see if it has what you

I didn't want to speak up and tell you that it is possible to estimate the
mass of a star based on its luminocity alone because it has been a while
since I've even looked at the book containing the formulas let alone can
regurgitate the formula. In a nut shell, Luminocity and Stellar Mass and
Stellar Temperatures are all inter-related. If you know two values, you
can determine the third. I will try and dig up the book and see if I can
locate the requisite formulas and post them here - hopefully by Saturday.
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