[nbos] Stellar Radius - Mass - Luminosity Parameters.
"Justin Akkerman"
Wed Feb 20th, 2008
> From: "Dalton Calford" <dcalford-at-distributel.ca>
> Subject: [nbos] Determining Stellar Values
> But I need a formula for the Mass and Radius of the Star, given the
> above data.
> Does anyone know how to get this information (expressed as an excel
> formula if possible)

I will look thses values up in my University Astrophysics text tonight. If I
recall, the formulas relating radius mass and luminosity will only be
working if it is main sequence. For example when a star goes red giant, it
does not gain any mass but its radius puffs up greatly.

Can I post excel files to this forum?

If not I will make sure that they are excel friendly.


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