Re: [nbos] Newbe Question
Chris Csernica
Tue Feb 12th, 2008
I used FM8 to produce a map I'd roughly sketched out on paper when I
wanted more detail drawn in. Instead of trying to specify every bit of
coastline in excruciating detail, I drew a sizable blob with the Fractal
Land Mass tool. Then I added a bunch of anchor points and shifted them
around until the land mass had the general contours I wanted. Once in a
while I had to re-render it to make it come out right, and I had a bit
of trouble in getting this one very narrow strait to work, but I was
pretty happy with the result.

-- CC

Brad Sumner wrote:
> I am trying to take a hand drawn map and render it digitally. Are there
> any shortcuts for this. I have scanned the image and cleaned it up in
> Photoshop. I then used it as the background for the FM8 map. I tried
> to take the freehand landmass tool and trace it, that worked ok except
> my mousepad ran out of room before I had traced the object and while
> moving the mouse it messed up the landmass. I was able to go in and fix
> it by moving the anchor points, (man were there a lot of them) I ended
> up removing most of the points. What I am hoping is that there will be
> a tool that will take a white area from the background image and make it
> into a polygon that is editable and able to be snapped to and such. Any
> suggestions from experience would be welcome.
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