Re: [nbos] [AS] AlienAPI Question
"NBOS Support"
Fri Oct 27th, 2006
> You say there is not parameters, but the call definitely has a string
> ("Importing Sector Attributes") listed as a parameter.

oh, wait, ok. UpdateScene isnt an API function - its a function inside
that script that wraps the 'RefreshScene' API function (which is what I
was incorrectly referring to as 'updatescene' in the last email):

Sub UpdateScene( s, t)
s.RenderMessageBig = "Exporting to XML"
s.RenderMessageSmall = t
End Sub

> I see that users can add notes to your on-line documentation, but is
> there a way you'd like us to add missing properties/methods?

Unfortunately the doc cant be altered (thats actually an export from a
help file generator). Just getting support for notes in there was
something of a fancy trick w/ php. But I have been spec'ing out a wiki
for the nox site which I think would be a good place to put all sorts of
scripting notes.


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