[nbos] [AS] Generation options
"Thomas Pope"
Sun Feb 10th, 2008
I'm building systems within predefined starmaps for a book project, and
one of the things I keep running across is that AstroSynthesis tends to
use a slightly different model than the original model used in the book.

What I have is the star locations (in 2D, the conversion process runs
from trivial to maddening, depending on what is defined) and often
stellar types. Sometimes there are other pieces of data established,
like the habitable planet and orbit.

What I want to do is build a script that lets me select a system, then,
keeping the star type specified, continually generates system contents
until a habitable system is found (all the systems on the map are
habitable, the rest are left off except in very specific instances).

Unfortunately, this is where I get back to the problems of slightly
different paradigms. I haven't fully tested the "is the system
inhabited" function of the script yet, but I know when manually doing
this that a system with nothing else than a space station counts as

So, that's the long way around to my question. Is there a way to
exclude certain body types from the generation algorithm? Both space
stations and inhabited moons or gas giants are in short supply in the
source material, and they make up an inordinate number of the inhabited
systems I get when manually going through the cycle.


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