[nbos] [FWE] Allow Larger Image Sizes?
"Nathan Gerber"
Tue Feb 5th, 2008
I know its not presently possible in 1.7, but in a future version
would it be possible to allow for larger world sizes? Right now an
image at 2880x1440 made to be a planet the size of earth makes for
around 8.6 miles per pixel. While this makes for excellent global
level maps, it makes it a bit harder to make more detailed maps of
individual continents without having a great deal of pixelization. If
this were used to make a map of the state of Pennsylvania out of this
base map it would be 33 pixels by 18 pixels (give or take due to
rounding). Considering the number of towns and cities that fall within
that area, its really not much detail. I am not concerned about memory
usage as I've got enough for at least another bump in size (I hope
anyways at 4GB).

I realize that some of the automated weathering functions are already
a very time consuming and resource intensive process. Perhaps making
it so the user has to go into a control panel to explicitly enable
higher resolutions could be used. On the topic of performance, are
there any plans to release a 64-bit and/or multi-threaded version of
the Fractal World Explorer to help out with this number crunching
performance for a future product release?

40,075.02km/2880 pixels = 13.9149375 km/pixel or 8.6463413 miles/pixel

Nathan Gerber

P.S. To those wondering about the worldKit tutorial I promised here or
on some forum, I'm slowly working on it, I've been distracted by a
home search and making use of other mapping applications at work that
I like better but are more complex to use.
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