Re: [nbos] [AS] AlienAPI Question
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Fri Oct 27th, 2006
At 10:20 PM 10/26/2006, you wrote:
>In the CelestialImport astroscript, there is a call to UpdateScene,
>which I cannot find in the AlienAPI documentation. Does anyone know
>what it does and its parameters? The script has just a string.

That just refreshes the map display. There's no parameters. Useful if
you're running a process thats altering the map in some way and you want to
show the progress of the script. Also useful in animations, after you move
the camera and target point in a script. Or just use in conjunction with
the RenderMessageLarge/Small property of the sector to output text in the
top left of the screen as the script runs.

>Also, does Astrosynthesis enforce the sector size? That is, if I
>create systems outside the sector radius/bounds, what will be the

There's no problem with putting systems outside the sector bounds. Sector
Size is mainly for specifying the size of the grid and so the generator
knows how big of an area to create.

>I am working on a Celestia importer. Currently, I have the script
>reading Celestia data, I just need to create the sector(s).

Looking forward to it!


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