[nbos] Fractal World Explorer/FM - some queries
Thu Dec 13th, 2007
I have a few queries, let me explain my situation.

I have a long running fantasy campaign world, which I've mapped one
section of (1 continent and the coast of another in part) - but I
haven't a clue about the rest. What I'd like to be able to do is use FWE
to generate most of the world, but import the basic outline of my
continent to it. Then having generated the complete world, export it to
FM to finish up and add political features to etc. Is this possible?
If not, would I be able to take a world generated by Fractal terrains,
then imported into CC3, then exported as an .EMF, and loaded into FM
still retain contours, terrain etc etc? I have copies of all relevant
programs but would prefer to use the NBOS ones as the interface and
usability is much higher and much more to my liking.
I'd be glad of any help, thanks in advance.
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