Re: [nbos] [FM] Bug?
"Joe Frazier, Jr."
Mon Dec 3rd, 2007

> I set FWE to export the generated map, complete with elevation increments (10m) and waited... and waited... (yes, I know that part of it is kinda my computer processor speed/memory capacity and it takes a lot of time to make all those calculations and expect that) But at the end of the day (no, it didn't take quite that long litteraly! THAT much at least is a colloquialism (sp?)) I finally got my world exported & saved & started the long arduous task of tweeking all the fractal polygons into closed spline curves. (Has anyone been able to make a script to automate that process?) But here comes the buggy thing... Before I started to do that, I noticed that the .FMP 'planet' I was working on had a total size of 10,000 x 5,000 FEET!!! Well... THAT's no good! That isn't even the size of a moderate city! Soooo... I went to 'Map setup' and changed the size to 20k x 10k MILES... roughly 'earth size' so that I didn't have to explain to our circle of gamers WHY a 6' male human barbar
ian weighed only a few ounces and was roughly the size of a gargantuan titan on this planet...
> So... here's the buggy part to this whole thing! Where did all my hard work go to? Turns out, it is still there... iddy-biddy thing in the top left corner of the map in full micro-detail. I ended up having to 'select all' and go through several 'scale' operations until I got it just so. Unless I am completely blind, there is no way when exporting to Fractal Map of setting the desired end scale... it ALWAYS defaults to this 10k x 5k feet result...

If you are saying unexpected behavior/bug for Fractal Mapper 8.x, no,
this is a feature. Ed added this so that you could start with a
regional map in FM and then expand the size of the "view" and the
original "map" would maintain scale properly and would then smaller.
This was changed from FM 7 to make it much easier to start with smaller
scale areas only and then add to the world as needed. I wonder if the
root of the issue is in FWE instead(or perhaps an unintended side effect
of the change to the way FM 8 works), but will leave that to Ed to
figure out.


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