[nbos] Zoom problem with bitmaps
Del Rio
Sat Nov 17th, 2007
Ok, first of all, I'll start out by openly admitting that I'm
probably going to break Fractal Mapper with my mad ambitions.
Then the NBOS guys can tell me that I wouldn't have these
problems if I would stop abusing their software and just use it
like a sane person would.

So, here's what I have.

A world map, 20,000 x 12000 miles (I know that's not the
approved ratio, but I don't really intend to ever display it as
a globe anyway).

A large area, 2500 x 1400 that I have a rough sketch of. Call
this Map A.

A local area 320 x 240 that has been drawn in detail by hand.
Call this Map B. Map B is a detail of one section of Map A.

I took the scans of Map A and Map B, put them in the Objects
directory, and inserted them into the world map at the correct
zoom levels to make them fit. So I ended up with a map that
from full zoom looks soemthing like this (if you're not using a
fixed-width font, this will look like screen noise):

| World Map |
| |
| +-------------------------+ |
| | | |
| | Map A | |
| | | |
| | +------+ | |
| | |Map B | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | +------+ | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| +-------------------------+ |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

Now, here's where things get weird.

I was starting to trace over Map B, because that's the detail
map of the area that the players are currently in. To see the
map at approximately the same level of detail that shows up in
the hand-drawn map, I have to zoom to approx 2500.

Now (without getting into why I did this) I zoomed in to 10000x
to draw my first road. I drew it, then zoomed back out to
2500x to view my results. The line was now 16 miles west of
the road in the underlying bitmap (strangely, it hadn't moved
nearly much on the north/south axis, maybe 2 or 3 miles north
of where it should have been).

Now, you can tell me that zooming in 10000x to do my detail
drawing shows that I have a fundamental misunderstanding of
how exactly a fantasy mapping program is supposed to be
used, and I suppose that I would have to accept that. ;-)

But, despite that, I have a feeling that this is being caused
by the algorithm that scales bitmaps, and that perhaps it
qualifies as a bug...

Meanwhile, I'll just stick to drawing things at the same zoom
level from which I intend to be viewing/printing them...

"I know I promised, Lord, never again. But I also know
that YOU know what a weak-willed person I am."
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