RE: [nbos] [FM] FM8 - submaps and map sizing
"Donald Ziegler"
Tue Oct 24th, 2006

Bravo! You've hit two of my main wishes for FM with the palette and the
submap features -- and I appreciate the new version of iPad.

FM is a great product - if you are receiving suggestions - there two more
enhancements that I think would make FM even better.

1) improved layer management --
a) ability to change layer names more easily e.g. load the layer
names from a text file.
b) change layer name via Goblin API -- I can currently move all of
the objects from one layer to another via the API but I cannot
move the name to the new layer.
c) ability to move or insert new layers via the GUI
d) be able to set the visibility, selectability and active layer all
in one place.
2)Cursor/object selection indications
It would be useful if the cursor would change when hovering over a
node of a selected object or over the object itself -- now when you
click you are essentially clicking blind and often de-select the
object accidentally.
Also it would be good if objects on the map would be highlighted
when hovered over by the cursor -- it is often difficult to tell what you
are actually clicking on.

Thanks for a great product.


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I've posted some info about creating submaps and resizing maps in FM8...


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