Re: [nbos] [FM] graphics tablets?
"Larathiel the Death Elf"
Mon Nov 12th, 2007
Regarding the mouse that comes with the Wacom tablets:

The mouse works only on the surface of the Intuos tablet (it works by the
same battery-free inductance that the pen uses).

Personally I *never* EVER use the Wacom mouse as it is sub-par and tends to
cause the cursor to jitter. Of course, You already have a mouse that You
like and You're buying the tablet for the ability to use the stylus so it
should be a non-issue.

I take my Wacom between work and home where I have different brands of
wireless mice at each location. The tablet and mouse will not interfere with
each other and You can just plug the tablet into a usb port without having
to change anything about Your mouse. Since I mouse left-handed and write
right-handed, I often keep the stylus in one hand for drawing or writing
then lift the pen for a moment while I do a couple things with the mouse
(such as navigate a menu or what not).

Really while You can do everything the mouse does with the stylus, because
the stylus defaults to absolute positioning (bottom-left corner of the
tablet = bottom left corner of Your screen) whereas a mouse has relative
positioning, You may find that there are simply some tasks that feel more
natural with one or the other. For example, I'd never attempt to play a
first person shooter with my beloved Wacom. ;-)


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