Re: [nbos] [FM] graphics tablets?
Del Rio
Mon Nov 12th, 2007
On Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 01:38:28PM -0000, Mike Oliver wrote:
> What planet have you been on? $US 180 is about 90 GBP at current
> exchange rates. Although, seeing the winking eye, I suspect you probably
> knew that. Mind you, I might be tempted if you want to sell me yours for
> 20GBP, although I doubt I could afford the postage :-)

Yes, that was my lame attempt at humor. I sometimes forget
that not all internet forums are reflexively sardonic... :)

Still, that sounded to me like a pretty good price for what is
purportedly a top notch product. I guess I'll find out soon
enough. And the 4x5 version can be had for something like
US$90 - I was *really* tempted, but I listened in this case to
the couple of people who mentioned that they found drawing more
natural on the slightly larger surface. I realize $180 still
isn't what you'd call cheap, and it's why I've resisted for as
long as I have... but after some incredibly frustrating
attempts, I've concluded that I just CAN'T draw with a
mouse. :( So for me it really came down to (1) suck it up
and invest the money, or (2) give up on digital mapmaking.

"I know I promised, Lord, never again. But I also know
that YOU know what a weak-willed person I am."
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