Re: [nbos] FM8 official mapping program for RPG Vintyri World
"Mike Oliver"
Sun Nov 11th, 2007
My enterprise is far smaller than Mark's but I, too, am looking to FM8
to become my main mapping tool - for exactly similar reasons. I shan't
abandon CC3 - I've invested a lot of time on it and it does produce
excellent results but I still find myself floundering on working out why
something strange happened or how the heck I do certain things.

I have wondered why this forum seemed less used than that of CC3. On due
consideration, I think I may have found the answer in my first
paragraph. This is not a criticism of CC3; I think PF have done an
excellent job but I suspect they now need to take a long look at their
reliance on FastCAD and how it behaves with various operating systems,
Vista particularly, if they are to continue to occupy a top slot in
mapping software.

Simply put, FM8 is so easy to use.



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Rodrigues Macias
Sent: 10 November 2007 23:14
Subject: Re: [nbos] FM8 official mapping program for RPG Vintyri World

Good news, Mark! Just this week I remembered your earlier posts, and was
wondering if you had come to a decision yet.

I think this will give a boost to FM, and increase the number of users,
which will be good for all of us already using it.


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Sent: Saturday, 10 November 2007 10:43 PM
Subject: [nbos] FM8 official mapping program for RPG Vintyri World

For the FM8 users who might be interested:

For about 6 months now, our project group has been testing Fractal
Mapper 8, and for more than a year, we've been testing Campaign
Cartographer 3 from ProFantasy Software. We're impressed with both
programs, but most of all with FM8. Historically, we've used Campaign
Cartographer 2 and Campaign Cartographer 3, but we're making the switch
to FM8.

Most things that one can do with CC3 one also can do with FM8 (and FM8
can do some things that CC3 can't). Some main differences between the
two programs:

1. We find that CC3 has a steep learning curve. FM8 is easy to learn
and use.

2. The complete user's manual is available for FM8. After having CC3
on the market for a year, ProFantasy still hasn't gotten around to
producing a manual.

3. FM8 runs fine under Windows Vista. After more than a year,
ProFantasy still is trying to solve problems that CC3 has with Vista.

Also: You can use your CC3 raster symbols with FM8.

You'll find complete information about our decision to migrate from CC3
to FM8 on our website at the address in my signature.

Mark Oliva
Webmaster, the Vintyri Project (TM)

Am Hasenlöhle 12
91481 Altershausen, Germany
Tel.: +49 9166 99 54 10

Oliva Steigerwald EDV Verlag
Inh. Gerdi Oliva
USt-IdNr.: DE133935450
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