Re: [nbos] [IPP] Inspiration Pad Help Files
NBOS Support
Tue Nov 6th, 2007
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>>> There's a help file in the inspiration pad download.
>I've ha d a look and can't find it - maybe I'm just a klutz, I've
>downloaded the free version of IP pro (v1.01b), and have installed FM
>(V8.01b) and AstroSynth (v2.01b) - perhaps what I'm looking for is in
>another version of the programs

There's a help file in the same directory that the IPad .exe is located
in. C:\program files\nbos\InspirationPadPro. Help file has the .chm
extension. During installation, a shortcut is made in the 'Start' menu for
the help file.

If its not there, make sure you have installed 1.0 of IPad, and are not
just downloading and running the 2.0 beta, which has no help files or tables.


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