[nbos] Character Sketcher Was Re: Nbossoftware Digest, Vol 37, Issue 40
Terry FitzSimons
Mon Nov 5th, 2007
On Sun, 04 Nov 2007 15:46:51 +0000, DrLight <DrLight-at-iscandar.demon.co.uk>

>> Subject:
>> Re: [nbos] Confused - Character Sketcher
>> From:
>> Terry FitzSimons <fitzsimons-at-mintel.net>
>> Date:
>> Mon, 29 Oct 2007 23:05:44 -0500
>> Shoot I was waiting for the next version, or the add-on pack for it to come
>> out.
>> Terry
>> On Sat, 27 Oct 2007 23:54:18 -0400, NBOS Support <support2-at-nbos.com> wrote:
>>> Character Sketcher is a discontinued program. It was a seperate product,
>>> and did not come with FM.
>>> There's a help file in the inspiration pad download.
>>> Ed
>> --
>I've ha d a look and can't find it - maybe I'm just a klutz, I've
>downloaded the free version of IP pro (v1.01b), and have installed FM
>(V8.01b) and AstroSynth (v2.01b) - perhaps what I'm looking for is in
>another version of the programs - what did Character Sketcher do anyway?

Made a sketch of your characters face. Since its been discontinued, they
probably pulled down everything that had to do with it. Nope the Resource
page still has it listed, with a image of what it turns out, nothing in its
files. Wonder if I should put some in for others to use?


Terry FitzSimons
FITZSIMONS-at-MINTEL.NET(Small Letters Only)

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